Budgeting for Your New Landscape

The purchase and design of a backyard landscape or front yard landscape is much like the purchase of a new home. There are so many options that the final landscape cost can vary dramatically. Consider a new home build has a base price of $100K. When you start adding options such as lot size and location, optional rooms, upgraded counters, flooring, appliances, water softeners and filtration, roof tiles, front elevations, fireplace, surround sound, etc., the price can quickly jump another $50K or even $80K. The average person moves every 5-8 years but they still want all of the upgrades to make it a home they can enjoy. The same goes with a backyard or front yard landscape cost in Arizona or anywhere. You spend much of your time in your yard and you want it to feel like home. You want to enjoy the space you live in and want your backyard to be an extension of your home.

Picking the right landscape design and options the first time is crucial for maximum enjoyment, low maintenance, and flexibility. Unfortunately, some people focus on the price and look for the “cheapest” contractor, therefore sacrificing quality, aesthetics, and long-term enjoyment. You cannot trade in a landscape if you do not like it or if it does not meet your long-term goals without a high cost. The right landscape contractor will be able to guide you and help you with answers to your questions and tell you if something will not work and why. Arizona Living Landscape and Pete have many years of experience working with homeowners to help them make the right decision. We have many repeat customers and referrals because of the quality of our work and our knowledge of the industry and Arizona specific landscape design. If you would like a free consultation to get an estimate on what your own landscape design wold cost – contact us today.